How To Fix 404 Error On WordPress Login Page?

If your PC had a WordPress 404 login page error, this guide might help.

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    Last week when I tried to access my WordPress dashboard via the WP admin shortcut it showed me a 404 page.

    This clearly means that my WordPress was unable to find the installation and then retrieve data from the WP-Admin directory.

    If the same thing happened to you, don’t worry. We can easily solve and eliminate this dilemma.

    Requires at least two or more. Also in this training I will try to make some complex process as simple as possible. So if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to be nervous.

    Remember to make full use of your database before starting your outdoor workout.

    Find The Cause Of The WP-Admin Redirect And Update Error

    How do I fix WordPress 404 error?

    Just one step: reset WordPress permalinks. The first step you should try is to reset the actual permalinks.Step 2: create your. htaccess file.Step 3: Deactivate all your WordPress plugins and themes.Step 4: Set up your own 301 redirects for moved or renamed content.

    How do I get to 404 Page in WordPress?

    To find out, log into your WordPress admin panel. On the left menu, go to Appearance -> Theme Editor. On the right side of the screen, you should see a 404 error (404.

    It can happen that every time you click on the login link, even with the correct login information, all pages are viewed and refreshed, you almost always return to the same page and the same exits as well. The first thing to keep in mind is thiso identify the source of the problem.

    There are many known reasons that can cause the wp admin to redirect to the home page, wp login page (refresh failed), or even a 404 page in the worst case.

    1. Plugin Conflict

    How do you fix it WordPress 404 Not Found Cannot login admin page?

    Maintain permalinks. This is an easy solution to fix 404 error in WordPress as well as keep WordPress permalinks.Reset permalinks manually. If keeping the permalinks did not resolve your 404 issue, you can manually add permalinks using keywords.Set up 301 redirects for content that has been moved or renamed.

    In addition to most of the plugins already associated with secure WordPress , some plugins are the main cause of this error. Hidden


    Plugins have access to shortcut url, 404 manager, home security plugins like Wordfence, etc. clear conflicts that may have been set by other plugins.

    To check if the root cause of your wp-admin redirect is a plugin or not, you need to find your FTP client.

    Since you will not be able to log into your WordPress dashboard with your giveaway, you will need to access the plugin directory using an FTP client. FTP or this file transfer protocol will help you when you need to connect your device to your valuable admin server.

    Why is WordPress login not working?

    WordPress uses cookies to authenticate when logging in, so the first step in troubleshooting WordPress login issues is the easiest. Clear your browser’s toast notifications and cache. After that, restart your browser and log in. This should fix the problem for most people right now.

    You can use Filezilla or CoreFTP as they are useful for both nfor beginners and experienced users.

    1. Request FTP access credentials (ask host)
    2. Download Filezilla and organize it on your PC
    3. Connect to your own server

    Then go to WP Contents, usually a folder behind the public.html folder.

    Here in the plugins in this directory, you start deleting plugins one by one. After removing each plugin, go back and try to log into the WordPress Marketplace dashboard. If you can log in after uninstalling the plugin, the cause is a conflict between Alexa tools.

    This usually happens, and in most cases it fixes the specific problem.

    If the circumstances persist, you should check the other reasons listed below outside.

    2. Topic Conflict

    Themes, just like a new or old plugin, can be a reliable reason for a wp-admin redirect, frustratingly causing this error.

    To determine if the issue with the wp-admin redirect is caused by a theme update, inversion, or changes in your functions.php file, you may have to repeat in The whole process is the same as with plugins.


    In this process, you should also delete the theme and delete its existence in the Concepts folder, which is next to your family’s plugins directory in the same wp-content folder.

    Try cleaning themes by trying to upload firewood to your WordPress dashboard. This should fix your problem.

    If some problems persist with redirecting / refreshing the wp-admin page, you should check the other parts below.

    3. Contact Ni Support Host

    If the problem or plugins were the cause, it probably means that the problem is with the server assigned by your company, i.e. your web host.

    Before contacting the support service of your young hosting, we make sure there are problems with the servers. To do this, you need to start your PHP business in my admin.My

    The php administration software is used to access the entire MySQL and MariaDB database. WordPress data is written to and works with MySQL and MariaDB.

    To verify that your web host is currently causing this issue, run PHP Admin my and navigate to your database X MySQL. If you succeed, congratulations, your own servers and hosts will be fine and will definitely work.

    If you cannot efficiently access your MySQL database and therefore the PHP admin cannot connect my shows to the Internet, you should contact your awesome hoster. Contact their support team, they will provide you with the information you need about this amazing issue.

    If they don’t help, it’s time to switch your product to a better hosting than DreamHost.

    4. .htaccess File Corruption

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  • It may happen that you and your family code are manually entered into your .htaccess. It may also happen that your business does not know this, and you do not know anything about it.

    .htaccess is a confidential file that helps handle many WordPress requests in the middle of the server and internet browser and should be handled wisely. Sometimes it gets corrupted to help you, for example due to plugin conflicts.

    All we do to associate with this wp-admin redirect error is delete this corrupted .htac filecess.

    Just log into your FTP client, make a full backup of your existing .htaccess file, and then delete that corrupted .htaccess file. It’s all.

    Go back and pay money if you can’t login, which can happen with your WordPress dashboard. Once you are in your admin area, navigate to the settings details and navigate to the permalinks configuration. Do not change and look while backing up. This will create a new trusted .htaccess file. This

    If this did not solve your problem, try the following steps now.

    5. Site Url Error

    In some cases, this worked when none of the above answers worked.

    Sometimes the problem is solved by simply updating the site url. All you absolutely need is: /05/Screenshot-2018-05-25-11.59.58.png?quality=70&f=auto”srcset= “ .com / wp-content / downloads /2018/05/Screenshot-2018-05-25-11.59.58.png?quality=70&f=auto 1366w,×67.png?quality=70&f=auto 120 Tue,×506.png? quality = 70 & f = auto 900 W,×432.png?quality=70&f=auto 768w ,×720.png?quality=70&f=auto 1280 Tue,×450.png?quality=70&f=auto 800 Tue,×270.png?quality=70&f=auto 480 Tue,×75.png?quality=70&f=auto 133w ,”>

    1. Login to your FTP client for buyers
    2. Find your WP config file
    3. Make a copy of this



    define ( 'WP_HOME' , '' ) ;

    define ( 'WP_SITEURL' , '' ) ;

    That’s all. Go back to your wp-admin and try logging in again.

    6. Cookie Cache

    wordpress login page 404 error

    If you are still unable to log into your WordPress dashboard, you may need to clear your cache and cookies.

    Enable cookies using WordPress and the Authentication Store Process. If you check the box “Remember my eyes”, fCookies will be used to save your password and log in to your browser.

    All you have to do is clear your web browser cache completely and enable cookies. Then close your browser and install it.

    You should now have valuable access to your Joomla admin panel.

    In some cases, you can wait the last few hours until you can access any area of ​​administration.

    wordpress login page 404 error

    If this error persists, there might be something wrong with your web host. Also try to contact your hosting support. Consider upgrading to a better web host.

    Hope this tutorial helped you. You should also see instructions on how to restore an unavailable WordPress service.

    Leave a comment below and mention which method worked for you.

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