How To Find Out Which Codec You Need Easy Fix Solution

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known bug that makes you know which codec you need. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will review them now.

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    To determine which codec was previously used with a particular file, play that file in the player if that’s not too difficult. While playing a file, right-click it in the Library and/or select Properties. On the File tab, see sections Audio codec and Video codec. Use a genuine 3rd party codec detection tool.

    how do you know what codec you need

    A codec is a computer program that has historically been used to encode and decode online video and music files. It usually works as part of your computer’s portable media player, allowing it to play files that are protected with a specific codec. Each audio and video file is created using a codec; it makes the initiate small, making him much less brooding. To figure out which codec you’re looking for, you can probably look at the properties of all files, or use a separate media that will figure it out for you.

    Find Codec Information Manually

    Use someone else’s own operating systemto find the correct codec. Right click on the file you want to open. Select “Properties” if your site is on a PC, or “Info” if you’re on a Mac. Click the “Summary” drop down list. The file description must specify both the computer audio disc format and the video compression. These are always the codecs used to create a particular file. Users can get these codecs from the official websites of the agencies that created them. Common codecs require Xvid and divx MPEG. Once downloaded, install the codec and possibly open the file you normally use with a media player.

    Using Third Party Software

    If you can’t get codec information from the file’s properties, or if the file still doesn’t play normally after finding the codec, you may need to use third party software. Popular software includes GSpot and MediaInfo. GSpot is obviously aimed at PC, but MediaInfo is available for both PC and Mac. These programs determine which audio, video, and codecs are required forprogram playback. Just download and install one of two different programs and then select the file you really want to get codec information for. Then you need to find the codec described above.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the software and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • Another option would be to download another media player with more codecs. The most popular alternative media player is VideoLAN VLC media player. It is available for PC and Mac. If you additionally download the player, it will also install almost all the important codecs needed to play audio or video files. Encode another one which is MPlayer.

    The last option is to download a codec pack, which should contain the codec you want to play specifically for the file. pcworld recommends the Windows Essentials Codec Pack from It contains almost all important codecs and allows users to easily install them on their current media player. A package similar to Perian is available for Mac and only installs codecs that work with Quicktime Player.

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    There must have been a workshop where you played a music video and got sound but no photo. The most likely reason is that you have never installed the most appropriate codec. So, here’s how to find out exactly which codec is required to play a media file.

    Find codec on top

    Visit your developer’s website and get the CodecInstaller clone (full package).

    Once downloaded, run it and then run the installation wizard.

    After installing it, launch it from the attached desktop shortcut, then click the “Scan File” button.

    how do you know what codec you need

    Now you have to go back to select a folder, once it’s selected, the much discussed folder breakdown becomes public. It seems that the file I selected is encoded with the FLAC codec.

    A quick Google search takes us straight to the download page where I can get a copy of the FLAC codec.

    Of course, anyone can still use vlc, but for those who are better versed in what’s installed on their PC, this will probably be a great alternative.

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    There must have been an incident where you set up the video and got sound but no picture. The most likely outcome is that you will neverYou didn’t install the correct global codec, so here’s how to find out exactly which codec is needed to play the chat file.

    Search codec

    Go to the developer’s website and download a copy of CodecInstaller (full package).

    Once installed, create it using the desktop shortcut, then click the “Scan computer file” button.

    Now you need to determine if the file was selected once in order to get a reasonably detailed breakdown of the file. It has features similar to the file I chose, which can be described as being encoded with the FLAC codec.

    A quick Google search takes us straight to the downloads page, where I can sometimes find a copy of the FLAC codec.

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