You Have A Green Question Mark Problem In Device Manager

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    Last week, some readers informed us that they encountered a green question mark in Device Manager. The “Green” question mark (?) Sometimes appears on the device watermark, and it is all displayed through the “Device Manager”. It will not affect the operation of your computer. You can still use your device without any glitches, even if it probably displays a “green” (?) Question mark.

    What does a question mark mean in Device Manager?

    If a yellow question mark appears next to a device name in Device Manager, the driver is usually missing. A device with an expired driver does not work at all. To fix this driver issue, you need to install the driver for your device.

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    Which icon next to a device in Device Manager indicates that a driver is disabled?

    The problematic hardware is displayed in Device Manager with a small warning symbol. An arrow pointing down means the device is disabled. If a device is followed by a yellow exclamation mark or is listed as Unknown Device, it often means that the device driver was not installed correctly.

    Why do I have a green question mark next to the composite USB device driver?

    Likely cause: If families use Windows Millennium (ME), a green question appears next to that driver. This won’t be a problem. If you selected a driver and clicked the Properties button under the General checkbox, you must indicate that the Device is working correctly. System Windows doesn’t know if it is using Microsoft’s universal car correctly or if there should be a device of its own. The green question mark refers to user information on how the device works with Microsoft drivers, but the manufacturer may suggest a better option. However, DSP headsets do not provide customizable functionality and therefore may not need (or do not need at all) a custom driver. Microsoft One is right for us. For more information, here is the Microsoft Information Network: Green Question Mark window

    Since ME cannot recognize the Intel Chipset ID of the volume ICH4, question marks will appear in Device Manager. Ignore the most important question marks as there is no compatibility.

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