FIX: Domino Pump Control Panel

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    If your system has a domino pump control panel, this guide should help you fix that. The Domino Up pump control panel is used to limit and protect motors from centrifugal, sediment and borehole pumps, including dry running through cos-φ and very low currents and over / under voltage.


    Electronic panel for immediate start-up of 1 single-phase or three-phase pump with an excess of dry cos and minimum current. For use with borehole pumps.

    What is the part number for the Domino laser coder?

    This manual is a reference for Domino. The L025317 was created to service and supplement the Domino D-Series Laser Encoder, and to enhance and complement any training program normally available with the product. It is not intended to replace such an exercise program. All rights reserved.

    Note. The single-phase version requires a capacitor of the correct size for the pump motor. Please indicate this in the “Order Notes” section of the checkout page.

    • Minimum inventory requirements:
    – One panel for all single-phase outputs up to 16A
    – Single panel for specific three-phase outputs up to 15 A
    Working with float and pressure
    â € For wastewater or clean water production
    â € Optional among a choice of 2 different work logics
    â € Full protectionpumps WITHOUT lvl sensors:
    â € “Dry-start protection
    – Overload protection
    – protection against over / under current
    â € “cos-ƒÔ
    – Minimum current
    â € Multilingual display

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    What is a domino panel?

    DES Domino panels are already made from a large number of small dominoes in a matrix organization, each of which is an independent component. They provideThey provide the highest functionality for signaling operations as shown below:

    Electronic panel for direct starting of 1 single-phase or three-phase water pump, with dry-running protection by cos-ö and undercurrent. Used for borehole pumps.

    Note. The single-phase version requires a capacitor of the correct size for the pump. Please select “Order” in the “Order Notes” section on some pages.

    domino pump control panel

    • What you need:
    – One panel for all outputs of one procedure up to A 16a
    – Song panel for all three-phase results up to 15 A
    Working with floats and an additional pressure switch
    • You can use the following domino control panel with four groups for disposable or pure water
    • You will come across 2 different logic of work
    • Full protection of the transmission WITHOUT the level of probes:

    1. Dry Impact Protection DRP
    2. Overload protection
    3. Over / under voltage protection
    4. cos-Æ’Ã “
    5. Minimum current
    6. Show English (or other languages)

    Domino UP-M control panel for single-phase pumps

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  • The unique Domino UP control panel is desirable for single-phase borehole pumps up to 2.2 kW. The panel has some setting of protection against dry running for cos˜ and undercurrent, in order to completely guarantee the immunity of the pumping system.

    Technical data

    • Input voltage 1 ~ 50/60 230 V Hz +/- 10% (DOMINO-UP-M)
    • N.1 or multiple inputs for launch command (configurable)
    • Alarm output # 1 for maximum current, minimum cos, minimum water level (adjustable)
    • Buttons for automatic stop / reset of manual operation of the engine (interim guide)
    • Green LED for automatic operation.
    • Green LED for continuous motor running.
    • Multifunctional display – displays: voltage, program current, motor power and alarms.
    • Buttons to restore protection
    • Buttons for settings and pre-selection on the screen.
    • Adjustment of electronic motor overload protection (via keyboard), generation time 5 euros.
    • Dry activation of the overcurrent protection setpoint against cos ~ 0.10.9 (from the keyboard)
    • Automatic restart in case of dry running after 5-90 feet and shutdown after 4 cycles at 90 ° F.
    • Motor protection in case of wrong phase rotation
    • Support and motor auxiliary fuses
    • Main switch complete with door lock.
    • ABS plastic housing
    • Socket with cable holder
    • IP55 protection

    Note: the functions of the single-phase version are adapted for inserting a capacitor (not included). If you need a capacitor, please contact us directly on 01698 711177.

    Download technical sheet

    DOMINO DMO Pump Control Panel

    How does the Domino up pump control panel work?

    The Domino Up pump control panel can be designed to control and protect certain electric motors of centrifugal, sediment and borehole pumps using cos-φ and minimum current, as well as, surprisingly, operation at over / under voltage sec.

    domino pump control panel

    Panel for Domino DMO snowboard control abs for control and storage aboutbottom pump, whether the reservoir fills or empties with clean water or leftover food. Basic pump dry-running protection with cofactor monitoring for applications where shutdown is not possible due to low fill level. Quick and easy installation with external master interlock switch and easy-to-use operating menu with renowned LCD and backlit display. Three standard models for a wide range of strategies with float switches, sensors or stiffeners.

    Technical Details:

    • Number of engines – 1
    • Standalone
    • Minimum protection and overcurrent
    • Cos Calibration
    • On / On. calibration
    • DIP switches for setting functions
    • Restart by time (5 ‘, 30’, 60 ‘, 90’)
    • LCD display: reading V.A.Alarms parameter setpoints
    • IP55
    • Temperature range: -5 ° C to 40 ° C

    Kilowatts 0, 37-15
    Electronic panel for direct starting Single phase or three monthsTh engine kW 0, 37 – 20
    Electronic control panel for direct starting 1 single or triple motor with cos Ï † monitoring and minimum current kW 0, 37 – 7.5
    Electronic control panel for direct start-up of 1 or 2 one- or three-phase phases of the first water collection system. kW 0, 37 – sixteen
    Electronic board for direct starting of a pair of motors with one or three processes

    Why choose demanddemand Domino?

    Insist on dominoes. Off-road racing requires maximum activity! Confidence in the grip allows the rider to relax the arm and avoid push-ups. Knowing the right throttle feel will ensure that every little hand movement is controlling your power the way you want it to. Domino is unmatched in the new art of motorcycle handling.

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    REVISIÓN: Panel De Control De La Bomba Domino
    FIX: Domino 펌프 제어판
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: панель управления насосом Domino
    FIX: Domino Pumpens Kontrollpanel
    CORREÇÃO: Painel De Controle Da Bomba Domino
    FIX: Bedienfeld Der Domino-Pumpe
    POPRAWKA: Panel Sterowania Pompą Domino
    FIX: Pannello Di Controllo Della Pompa Domino
    FIX: Domino-pompbedieningspaneel
    CORRECTIF : Panneau De Commande De La Pompe Domino