FIX: Handle C # Datagridview Data Errors

You may encounter an error code indicating a C # datagridview processing error. There are different ways to solve this problem, and we will discuss them a little later.

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      public: System :: Windows :: Forms :: DataGridViewDataErrorEventHandler event ^ DataError;  

    c# datagridview data error handling

      public event System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewDataErrorEventHandler DataError;  
      Member this.DataError: System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewDataErrorEventHandler  
      Public custom event as dataerror DataGridViewDataErrorEventHandler  

    Event type



    The following code example shows a handler for the DataError event. This situation is part of a larger illustration of the class exam topic available at DataGridViewComboBoxColumn .

    private : void DataGridView1_DataError (Object ^ sender, DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs ^ anError) MessageBox :: Show ("An error occured in. + AnError-> Context.ToString ()); if (anError-> Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts :: Commit) MessageBox :: Display ("Check error"); provided that (anError-> Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts :: CurrentCellChange) MessageBox :: Display ("Change cell"); in case (anError-> Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts :: Parsing) MessageBox :: Display ("Parse Error"); if (anError-> Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts :: LeaveControl) MessageBox :: Show ("Leave error checking"); if (dynamic_cast (anError-> Exception)! = nullptr) DataGridView ^ view = (DataGridView ^) sender; view-> Rows [anError-> RowIndex] -> ErrorText matches "error"; view-> Rows [anError-> RowIndex] -> Cells [anError-> ColumnIndex] -> ErrorText = "error"; anError-> ThrowException means false; private unneeded DataGridView1_DataError (sender object, DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs anError) MessageBox.Show ("An error occured with + anError.Context. Tostring ()); provided by (anError.Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.Commit) MessageBox.Show ("Check error"); in case (anError.Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.CurrentCellChange) MessageBox.Change "); display ("cell in cases where (anError.Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.Parsing) MessageBox.Show ("Parse error"); if (anError.Context == DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.LeaveControl) MessageBox.Show ("Error checking output"); ob ((anError.Exception) is a ConstraintException) DataGridView stands for (DataGridView) Sender; view.Rows [anError.RowIndex] .ErrorText "a = error"; view.Rows [anError.RowIndex] .Cells [anError.ColumnIndex] .ErrorText = "error"; anError.ThrowException is false; Private Sub DataGridView1_DataError (ByVal sender as object, _ByVal e as DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs) _Handles DataGridView1.DataError MessageBox.Show ("An error occured _ & e.Context.ToString ()) If (e.Context = DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.Commit) _ then MessageBox.Show ("Verification failed") Exit when If (e.Context = DataGridViewDataErrorContexts _ .CurrentCellChange) Then MessageBox.Show ("change cell") End if If (e.Context = DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.Parsing) _ then MessageBox.Show ("Parse error") End if If (e.Context _ corresponds to DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.LeaveControl) Then MessageBox.Show ("Let's fix the mistakes") End if If (TypeOf (e.g. Exception) ConstraintException) Then Dark View as DataGridView = CType (Sender, DataGridView) view.Rows (e.RowIndex) .ErrorText implies error " "to display .Rows (e.RowIndex) .Cells (e.ColumnIndex) _ .ErrorText = Error " "e.ThrowException implies False End ifThe end of the submarine


    You can use the DataError event to ensure that exceptions thrown in your code are handled because the control is called while processing data operations.

    Additional information on processing For a list of events, see Managing Reminders and Events .



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  • When enabled when a powerful external data parsing or validation process throws an exception, or when data cannot be passed to a personal data source.

    c# datagridview data error handling

    The optional ColumnIndex and RowIndex fields of the DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs object usually indicate which camera the data error occurred in. However, if the error occurs in another external data source, the data source may not provide the stream on which the error occurred. In this case, the ColumnIndex property basically displays the column of the prevailing cell during any errors.

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